We Fight together. We fight aggressively, our opponent, Cancer in any form. We must succeed, there is no other acceptable option.



I am being preemptive. This evil, this thing cancer, in any form, is already looking at my whole family with blood lust. It’s time I hunted it down first, and this is the start of that. If you know me at all, when I attack something, (Think InsuranceBusters.net ) we are not taking on a hobby. We are making a commitment to give our two most valuable assets, me and Melanie Spoon, in the pursuit of getting a result. The result is a cure. They need money on research more than any other area. We are aware of Cancer. Even our small children are aware. Now, it’s time to stop surviving, and start attacking. We are all in the fight of our life.

This will obviously be updated as we go. If I waited for everything to be perfect, I would be waiting for ever.


Thanks for Joining us….Cal and Melanie Spoon

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